XIMaestro I SAP XI / PI / PO Support Management Solution

XIMaestro I SAP XI / PI / PO Support Management Solution

XIMaestro Solution

Orchestrating the integration processes

XIMaestro is a cloud-based integration assistant that facilitates business and IT users to orchestrate the integration processes running on SAP PI/PO.

RSR XI PO PI solution

Key Features

Less budget for more effective integration management

  • Enabling an overall system status overview on the Fiori UX-based Launchpad.
  • Controlling the SAP PI/PO setup via Amazon’s personal assistant Alexa
  • Visualized message monitoring to get a better understanding of the scenarios that users are not yet familiar with
  • Graphical message mapping on the related message details page.
  • Downloading and viewing the message payload in a clear tree structure, available on the related message details page
  • Offering an easy-to-use configuration scenario or single ICO-based integration flow explorer
  • Presenting communication channel, interface, and message mapping information on the related integration flow page
  • Easily administrating the communication channel by starting and stopping the channels and transparent monitoring with the channel audit logs
  • Retrieving a fully detailed integration document, in Excel format, enabling instant analysis of the SAP PI/PO system
  • Enabling efficient data cache administration of each engine within SAP PI/PO
  • Offering a diagnostic check functionality to trigger a self-check for each component and engine of SAP PI/PO
  • Integrating flow-based alert management
  • Facilitating user-defined, key-based message monitoring

Key Benefits

Full control of your integrations

  • Allows IT and business users a better understanding of the company processes running on SAP PI/PO
  • Enables the end-users to monitor and administrate the integration server from any location and any device without installing an additional client application
  • Helps IT reduce the consulting and training costs, as there will be fewer consultants and dedicated employees required to monitor the SAP PI/PO system
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RSR 261b

Technical details

Secured and Sustainable Technology

The XIMaestro solution consists of three main components:

  • UI component, built with SAP’s Open Source UI technology; OpenUI5.
  • API component provides the communication between the UI component and the Core component.
  • Core component, this is the layer where the magic happens.

It is compatible with PI 7.0, PI 7.0 EHP1, PI 7.1, PI 7.1 EHP1, PI 7.3, PO 7.31, PI 7.4, PI 7.5.

As of today, the XIMaestro solution, version 1.52, is available and runs on Microsoft’s Azure Cloud Platform.

The authentication has been realized by utilizing the power of Azure’s Active Directory. The connectivity between the XIMaestro and the customers’ SAP PI/PO systems is established by using the Azure’s application containers, which are replicated among Microsoft’s 36 data centers around the world.

License options  

Rapid Go-live with Cloud service

There is only one license type available for the XIMaestro solution: a SaaS License (Cloud).

A license is available with a minimum 12-month subscription. This license allows an individual user to access the software via a cloud service.


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