Tips on Transforming the Enterprise at Eastman Chemical

Tips on Transforming the Enterprise at Eastman Chemical

Watch the short video offering hands-on lessons on the business need, vendor vetting and selection process – all the way to project execution.

As all Fortune 500 companies, Eastman Chemical is constantly working on optimizing their strategy for digital transformation and mobility. At the core of this digital transformation lies an urgent need for an overhaul of the User Experience (UX) of enterprise software. Relying heavily on SAP, they needed a successful Fiori UX strategy for the future of the SAP User Experience.

Challenge:  In 2017 Eastman Chemical started searching for a mobile SAP Plant Maintenance and Asset Management solution to cover all aspects of preventive and corrective maintenance execution. Knowing that network connectivity is not always guaranteed, offline capability was a key requirement for this project. After evaluating several vendors, Eastman selected Neptune Software due to the tight integration with SAP together with strong offline capabilities.

Solution:  Over the course of one year, Eastman developed and deployed complex applications leveraging existing ABAP code directly, utilizing the Neptune DX Platform.

Apps Created:  Successful roll out of 8 complex mobile and desktop apps

  • Crafts Person – Offline
  • Maintenance Planner – Offline
  • Notification Management – Offline
  • Universal Outbox – Offline Sync
  • My Crew
  • Time Reconciliation
  • Good Issue
  • Material Handling


  • Eastman Chemical

Video Highlights:

  • Vendor selection and what differentiates Neptune Software from other RMAD vendors?
  • Why did this Fortune 36 company select Neptune Software?
  • What was the business need, vendor selection and vetting process?
  • What were the results of the project execution?


We hope you found this video informative. Should you have any questions, we’ll be happy to share answers to more FAQs and tips on digital transformation in the enterprise.

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