Rapid Solutions

Rapid Solutions

Empowering businesses with proven rapid solutions…

Proven rapid solutions

We offer only bug-free, stable solutions. Our solutions are tested, proven, and currently running live in many global corporations

Solutions for specific challenges

We have a hand-selected range of solutions to meet business-specific challenges you may face

Less budget requirement

Our currently live solutions minimize cost, saving the time and resources required for developing solutions from scratch

Reduced implementation time

We implement proven solutions to meet your specific needs, utilizing operational, out-of-the-box products, which requires significantly less implementation time

Less internal and external effort

Compared with from-scratch development, rapid solution saves a significant amount of resources, reserving internal and external resources

End results are known upfront

Know exactly what you’ll get from day one. Rest assured that the quality of the end product will meet your expectations even before purchasing

We supply organizations with live, proven, and bug-free solutions. We select our internal and partner-based solutions with rapid implementation in mind in order to minimize budget requirements along with internal and external resource efforts. At RSR International, we continuously assess these types of solutions to serve multiple customers. Our team consists of account managers and product development managers with extensive experience not only in product development but also with the SAP AG certification process. We employ our expertise to select the best products for our clients.

Neptune DX Platform

Neptune Software bridges low-code and pro-code to deliver a rapid app development platform that helps modernize and optimize your business processes and user interfaces. Reap the benefits of a Gartner award-winning user experience (UX) and universal back-end integration that unifies your entire business ecosystem.

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Paperwork Workflow Management Solution

PaperWork works to support key business processes by connecting applications and key data with users. Users are guided through their business process logically and transparently, while in the background different applications are connected and utilized to increasing user productivity.

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XIMaestro I SAP XI / PI / PO Support Management Solution

XIMaestro is a cloud-based integration assistant that helps businesses and IT users to orchestrate their integration processes running on SAP. It helps organizations to significantly reduce their consulting costs.
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SAP Business Partner Management Solution

This is a Fiori-based solution providing extensive, enhanced features for managing SAP master (business partner) data creation, master data change, managing the transfer process to other ERP systems, as well as monitoring and enhancing the controlling and reporting abilities of the master data.


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