SAP Business Partner Management Solution

SAP Business Partner Management Solution

SAP Business Partner Management

Data Quality, Consistency, Tracking &  Mobility…

This solution is based on Fiori, which provides extensive enhanced features for managing SAP Master (Business Partner) Data creation, Master Data change, managing the transfer process to other ERP systems, monitoring and enhancing the controlling and reporting ability of the Master Data.

RSR Business Partner Management solution
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Key Features

Empowered Business Partner Data & Changes

  • Standardization of Master Data change processes
  • Increasing the quality of Master Data
  • Transparency; who, where and when?
  • Empowered approval structure
  • Flexible process management
  • Fully SAP ECC integrated architecture

Key Benefits

Being in control of Business Partner Data

Centralized Master Data

  • Centralized working environment for efficiently managing all Master Data
  • Improved management of all Master Data of each business unit
  • Increased control over Master Data management
  • Enhanced Master Data change control, with approval processes for specific data changes

Data Control

  • Integrated Master Data management system, with Master Data creation or change functionality, and finalizing these processes with approval/rejection by the related manager or business unit
  • Incorporated workflow support for all master processes.
  • Realized with a standardized and flexible structure, offering automated notification emails to selected users regarding updates

Tracking and Reporting Management

  • Performance tracking on Master Data management
  • Tracking and controlling of inactive Master Data
  • Tracking and controlling of active Master Data
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Technical details

Secured and Sustainable Technology

This Solution Requires/Build on:

  • SAP ECC 6.0 + SAP Gateway
  • SAP Fiori and ABAP

License options  

Maximum control with on premise

This solution is being offered on-premise for maximum control.


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