Paperwork Workflow Management

Paperwork Workflow Management

Paperwork Workflow Management

Keep all the data required available in real-time to support key decision-making and your workflow—all in one place.

PaperWork works to support key business processes by connecting applications and key data with users. Users are guided through their business process logically and transparently, while in the background different applications are connected and utilized to increasing user productivity.

All the relevant information is gathered from across applications and centrally collated in one place, allowing for quick and easy access. PaperWork ensures the right information is available when and where you need it. This takes the guesswork out of data-driven decision-making processes, improving users’ productivity. It also features extensive workflow optimization and data management throughout each step. All data is made available on mobile devices and in MS Outlook for ease of managing workflow creation, data monitoring, and approvals.


Key Features

Application that is fully equipped for task and data management

  • Automation of human-based activities
  • Visualized screens for workflow creation and activity follow-up
  • Task assignment on individual, position, and team levels
  • Task history and processing time record with target assignment for each task
  • The data and documents created in the workflow are automatically stored in the content management system
  • Easy workflow creation with drag-and-drop functionality
  • Reminder e-mails
  • Triggering actions from delayed tasks or exceeded effort targets
  • Time thresholds, delegation, and reminders for human-based activities
  • Plug-in and reusable connector support
  • Database connectors for easy data integration
  • Ready-to-use connectors for SAP, MS CRM, MS Axapta, etc.
  • Seamlessly integrates with content repository
  • Document creation (from templates using MSWord-like internal editor)
  • Version control
  • Document access control
  • Document subscription
  • Document naming & referencing
  • Document lifecycle management
  • Document search & retrieval
  • Offline repository access
  • Document capture from network
  • Document capture from e-mail servers

Key Benefits

Increased productivity, effective task and data management

  • Provides mobile workers with the tools and the real-time information they need to perform their tasks efficiently and accurately
  • Enhances collaboration and communication
  • Secure access to corporate documents where and when required
  • Increases productivity due to reduced time and cost required
  • Improve visibility into current business processes
  • Collaborative use of documents with powerful versioning
  • Flexible organizational structures, more flexible processes
  • Optimized use of available resources
  • Enable more efficient operations for all involved
  • Management team focuses on strategic target instead of daily operations
  • Sustainable performance improvement, less coordination effort
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Technical details

Ready-to-use connectors for SAP, MS CRM, MS Axapta, etc.

Platform / technology 

  • Microsoft SilverLight

Current version of the product

  • V4.0

Platforms that this solution can be integrated with

  • Any SOAP 1.2 Web Service Layer,
  • Any DB via DB Plugin architecture,
  • Any User Authentication System via User Plugin architecture
  • SAP via SAP connector
  • MS CRM via CRM Connector

License options  

Maximum control with on-premise

This solution is being offered on-premise for maximum control.

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