HRDoc Employee Document Management Solution

HRDoc Employee Document Management Solution

HRDoc SAP Employee Document Management

Managing & Tracking Employee Documents

The HRDoc solution collects, tracks, and shares employee documents. Employees are able to get involved and contribute to the updates, enhancing the process and saving HR valuable time.

Key Features

Effective enablement of IT in HR Document Management

  • SAP Fiori-based, compatible with all the mobile devices
  • Document storage & versioning
  • Document checklist per employee position
  • Missing document tracking
  • Approval process
  • Reminder
  • Tracking documents waiting for approval
  • E-mail notification when a document is approaching validity end-date
  • Adding documents from a file system
  • Document upload via photograph
  • Document monitoring
  • Add notes during approval and rejection
  • Integrates with but does not require the SAP Mobile Platform (SMP), HANA Cloud Platform (HCP), or SAP enterprise Portal.
  • Gain benefits from a platform built to fit your existing SAP solution
  • Plug & Play

Key Benefits

More and accurate control of Employee Documents

  • Greater insight into employee documents via visualized monitoring
  • On-time alerting for documents that are missing or approaching validity end-date
  • Access from all mobile and desktop devices
  • Shared document monitoring for both HR and employee
  • Approval process ensuring checks and approvals from the persons responsible
  • Reduction in time spent on document management while increasing accuracy and related costs
  • Continually updated platform to keep organizations’ mobile capabilities up-to-date
  • Minimize the need for additional training resources by building on your companies’ existing SAP environment and knowledge
  • Reduce the risk of business process bottlenecks
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Technical details

Secured and Sustainable SAP Certified Solution

Installs on top of existing SAP Business Suite – requiring:

  • NetWeaver 7.01+
    (ERP, SRM, SCM, CRM, BW,
  • SAP HANA & S/4HANA compliant

License options  

Secured and Sustainable SAP Solution

This solution is offered on-premises, allowing for maximum control.

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