About Us

About Us

Empowering businesses with Information Technology

Who We Are

RSR (Rapid Solutions & Resourcing) focuses on two major areas: solutions and resourcing. These two elements are critical for the successful adoption of information technology within modern organizations.

Rapid SolutionsWe supply organizations with live, proven, and bug-free solutions. We select our internal and partner-based solutions with rapid implementation in mind in order to minimize budget requirements along with internal and external resource efforts. At RSR International, we continuously assess these types of solutions to serve multiple customers. Our team consists of account managers and product development managers with extensive experience not only in product development but also with the SAP AG certification process. We employ our expertise to select the best products for our clients.

Rapid Resourcing, We rapidly, though thoughtfully, match expert resources from our extensive international network of IT consultants, hailing mainly from the Netherlands, UK and the Middle East. These consultants are experts in their fields and support our clients to reach their project goals. Their best-practices knowledge and experience makes the difference in efficient process design.

Our account managers utilize their Project Management experience to gain a firm understanding of the assignment and skill requirements, collaborating with recruiters to find the best fit for our clients, all while simultaneously assessing the candidates. Our successful matching strategy saves time and provides key resources they can rely on.

Our Mission

We serve global organizations seeking specific solutions to empower their businesses. We also provide support for companies by providing them with the right SAP experts at the right time. With these details in place, our experts have a significant impact on the projects in which they are involved.

Our Vision

Our company is growing towards becoming a major hub in the future, offering specific rapid solutions and key resources for empowering businesses globally.

Our Values


We are committed to providing high-quality services and products. We are committed to meeting our requirements and goals the first time around while always striving to improve.


Our reputation for integrity precedes us in the marketplace, and we firmly adhere to ethical practices for both our clients and employees. When faced with a tough decision, we’ll always do what’s right.


We actively work towards diversity in our workforce, our markets, and our services because we recognize that optimum solutions require different backgrounds, new perspectives, and open minds. We leverage diversity through an inclusive hiring process, allowing for better innovation and creative collaboration.


Our inventive processes and unique solutions, we provide our customers with value unmatched by our competitors. We foster creative work environments in which we challenge ourselves to improve our processes.

These are the core values that define us as a corporation—and as individuals. Through constant affirmation of these principles, we continue to provide value to our customers and consistently meet our goals.