Rapid Solutions

RSR supplies proven, affordable IT solutions for SAP and non-SAP platforms covering a wide range of services, enabling organizations to increase efficiency and improve process management capabilities. Learn more about our both original and external solutions on our Rapid Solutions page.

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Rapid Resourcing

We rapidly, though thoughtfully, match expert resources from our extensive international network of IT consultants, hailing mainly from the Netherlands, UK, and the Middle East. These consultants are experts in their fields and support our clients to reach their project goals.

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Implementation Services

RSR provides next-to-rapid solutions, project-based resources, and implementation services. This is an optional service for clients who prefer that implementation be done by the RSR consultants. RSR will also handle implementation mentoring and training. …………………………………………….

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Decrease Fiori application development time by 80% through low code drag-and-drop
Decrease your Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) by an average of 63%
Uses existing “Roles & Authorizations”
Does not require ODATA, NetWeaver Gateway, Eclipse or WebIDE
Integrates with but does not require SAP Mobile Platform, HANA Cloud Platform
Rapid mobility, less cost of ownership with more features

The Neptune DX Platform and its Planet 8 module (formerly known as the Neptune UX Platform) is an SAP-certified application development platform that complements your existing ABAP stack with no upgrades or external connectors required!

Compared with other platforms, it significantly reduces the time it takes to design, build, integrate, deploy, and maintain SAP Fiori apps, accelerating the delivery of desktop, mobile, and offline solutions.

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Automation of human-based activities
Visualized screens for workflow creation and activity follow-up
Task assignment on individual, position, and team levels
Easy workflow creation with drag-and-drop functionality
Reminder e-mail
Triggering actions from delayed tasks or exceeded effort targets
Time thresholds, delegation, and reminders for manual activities
Plug-in and reusable connector support
Database connectors for easy data integration
Ready to use connectors for SAP, MS CRM, MS Axapta, etc.
Seamlessly integrates with content repository
Version control
Document access control
Document subscription
Document naming & referencing
Document lifecycle management
Document search & retrieval
Offline repository access
Document capture from network
Document capture from e-mail servers

PaperWork works to support key business processes by connecting applications and key data with users. Users are guided through their business process logically and transparently, while in the background different applications are connected and utilized to increasing user productivity.

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Visualized message monitoring for a better understanding of scenarios
Graphical message mapping on the related message details page
Downloading and viewing the message payload in a clear tree structure
Easy-to-use configuration scenario or single ICO-based integration flow explorer
Presentation of communication channel, interface, and message mapping information
Easily administrating the communication channel through starting and stopping the channels
Transparent monitoring with the channel audit logs.
Retrieving a fully detailed integration document in Excel format
Enabling instant analysis of the SAP PI/PO system.
Enabling efficient data cache administration of each engine within SAP PI/PO
Input fort triggering a self-check for each component and engine of SAP PI/PO
Integrating flow-based alert management
Facilitating user-defined, key-based message monitoring
Enabling an overall system status overview on the Fiori UX-based Launchpad
Controlling the SAP PI/PO setup via Amazon’s personal assistant Alexa

XIMaestro is a cloud-based integration assistant helping businesses and IT users orchestrate their SAP integration processes. It helps organizations dramatically reduce consulting costs.

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HRDoc SAP Employee Document Management

Fiori based which is compatible with all the mobile devices
Document storage & versioning
Document checklist per employee position
Missing document tracking
Approval process
Document Reminders
Tracking the documents waiting for approval
E-mail notification when the document with validity date is about to reach
Adding documents from file system
Document upload via taking picture
Document monitoring
Adding notes during approval and rejection
Gain benefits from a platform built to fit with your existing SAP solution
Plug & Play

HRDoc solution helps to collect, tracking and sharing of the employee documents in a professional way. Even employees are able to get involved and contribute to the updates that enhance the processes and saves HR responsible`s time.

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Why RSR  International?

Proven Rapid Solutions

We offer only bug-free, stable solutions, all of which are currently running live across various organizations

Solutions for Specific Challenges

We have carefully curated a range of original and partner-based solutions to tackle business-specific challenges

User-Friendly User Interfaces

Our rapid internal and external solutions are selected not only for their rapid implementation and effectiveness but also to incorporate a user-friendly interface

Minimum Internal and External Effort

Compared with from-scratch development, rapid solution implementation requires significantly less effort, reserving internal and external resources for where they’re needed

Rapid Candidate Profile Definition and Selection

Our SAP-experienced recruiters have a background in SAP consulting that allows them to eliminate ineffective profile matching, enabling fast and effective candidate selection

Best Practice & Solution Development Experience

We utilize outside-the-box thinking alongside the resources within our network to create a solution-oriented balance between custom requirements and SAP standards

International, Experienced IT Experts for On-Site & Remote Working

We handpick candidates with both in-depth SAP knowledge and intercultural professional experience

Continuous Performance Tracking By RSR

Our experienced account managers continuously monitor the resource performance provided by RSR